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Sunday, May 3, 2009

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selling my The Body Shop inventory!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

hey everyone~ Since The Body Shop at Home is closing, there is NO need for me to continue hanging on to all my extra stock LOL! Below is a list of all the products I have and need to sell to make room in my office for my new Pink Papaya business :)
Just send me an email to if you would like to purchase from my stash and we can arrange for payment and shipping!
Thanks in advance!!!

TBSaH "on~hand" stock list…

Home Fragrance Oils: $4 each (reg $7.50)
· Cranberry: 16
· Plum pudding: 8
· Ginger Bread: 9
· Marshmallow: 2
· Golden Apple: 3
· Lemon Grove: 2
· Coconut & Mango: 1
· Fig: 1
· Mango: 2

Home Fragrance Burners: $8 each (reg $18.50)
· Christmas Tree: 6
· Soap Stone: 2
· Autumn Apple: 2
· Starlight: 3

Bath & Body items:

· Pomegranate:
body butter $12 (reg $20)
body polish $12 (reg $20)
shower gel $8 (reg $13)

· Raspberry:
body butter $12 (reg $20)
body scrub $12 (reg $20)
shower gel $8 (reg $13)

· Spa Wisdom
hydrating puree $14 (reg $20)
monoi miracle oil $14 (reg $20)

· Peppermint
cooling foot spray $5 (reg $10)
foot soak $10 (reg $16)
foot lotion 8.4oz $10 (reg $16)

· Strawberry Body Polish $12 (reg $20)

· Coconut Body Butter $12 (reg $20)

· Aqua Lily:
Eau De Toilette $12 (reg $17)
Shower Gel $6 (reg $12)
Body Lotion $8 (reg $14)

· Neroli Jasmin:
Eau De Toilette $12 (reg $17)
lotion $8 (reg $14)
shower gel $6 (reg $12)

· White Gardenia:
Eau De Toilette $18 (reg $26)
body mist $6 (reg $14)

· Almond:
body butter $12 (reg $20)
body scrub $12 (reg $20)

· Moringa shower gel $8 (reg $13)

· Ginger Whipped Body Soufflé $5 (reg $20)

· Warm Amber dry body scrub $5 (reg $20)

· Vanilla Spice bath Infusions: $8 (reg $12)

· Rich Plum Body Butter- 2 @ $10 each (reg $20)

· Nectarine & Plum:
shower gel- 3 @ $6 each
Body mist- 2 @ $4 each

· White Musk Body Bath oil $4

· Grapeseed Shower Gel- 2 @ $6 each

· Pineapple & Coconut:
Body Lotion- 2 @ $6 each
Shower Gel- 3 @ $6 each
Body mist $4
Soap bar- 2 @ $2 each

· Peach:
Shower Gel- 4 @ $6 each
Body Butter- 2 @ $10 each

· Golden Apple Shower Gel $6

· Cranberry Body Butter 2 @ $10 each

· Bergamot:
Salt Scrub $20
Shower Gel $10
Lotion $10

· Milk & Honey Body Lotion- 3 @ $6 each

· Runny Honey Shower Gel- 5 @ $6 each

· Honey & Clover Bath Cream- 4 @ $4 each

· Star fruit Shower Gel $6

· Foaming bath: (16.9 oz) $10 each
3 Coconut
2 Nut (these make a super moisturizing bath and also work great as a shower cream to shave with ;p)

Mini Body Butters: $4 each (perfect for the purse or travel!)
· Strawberry: 1
· Cocoa butter: 3
· Coconut: 1
· Brazil Nut: 3
· Satsuma: 2
· Pink Grapefruit: 1
· Shea: 2
· Almond: 1
· Mango: 1
· Moringa: 2


Vitamin E:
cream cleanser $10 (reg $14)
intensive moisture cream $15 (reg $20)

Aloe calming facial cleanser $10 (reg $14)

Chamomile gentle eye make~up remover: 2 @ $10 each (reg $14.50)

Facial brush $1.50 (reg $3)


Beech lipliner $5 (reg $10)

Mini brush set $10 (reg $18.50)

Oil Free Balancing foundation 06 $15 (reg $23)

Blush crème 04 golden pink $6 (reg $14.50)

Eye color 09 fawn $8 (reg $12)

Eye shimmer 08 green $8 (reg $12)

Eye color 45 star silver $8 (reg $12)

Roseflower collection: (regular $138) $80 for the whole collection or…
roseflower eyes 02 mint green $8; 01 sunshine gold $8 (reg $14)
roseflower blush 01 pink $14; 02 fuschia $14 (reg $20)
roseflower lips 01 soft pink $10; 02 true pink $10; 03 deep pink $10 (reg $16)
roseflower radiance stick $16 (reg $22)

Bronzing powder $10 (reg $18.50 not sealed, but never used!)

Perfume Oils: $6 each
Cozy Cashmere (15ml)
Pink Pepper (15ml)

· Handy Massager $2
· Textured Foot File 2 @ $2 each
· Cranberry cosmetic case $3
· Teal/purple floral cosmetic case $3
· Orange mini shower poof $1
· mini "Sensual Massage" book $2
· The Body Shop Massage Book $6

· Vanilla Spice Joyful Times gift set $16 (reg $35)
· Shower cascade (5 mini shower creams & gels) 2 @ $10 each (reg $20)
· Head to Toe gift set (5 assorted product minis) $10
· Happy Feet gift set $10
· yoga gift set w/ book $12
· massage gift set w/ book $12
· sm gift set w/ Hi-Shine Lip Treatment- Pink Cream; Nail Color- Angel Pink; mirror $6
· Spring '08 PWP: 2 @ $10 each...Includes mini's of the following: white musk EDT, White Musk Smooth Satin Body Lotion, Vitamin E Moisture Mask, Vitamin E Moisture Cream, Strawberry Puree Body Lotion all inside a cute pink cosmetic case w/ embossed flowers!

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Monday, February 23, 2009

The Body Shop® Blog

The History of Hemp
Posted: 23 Feb 2009 09:40 AM CST

Way back in the 90’s, when The Body Shop first launched our line of hemp skincare products, the press went a little crazy, thinking we were endorsing the use of marijuana. The story made headlines in the UK and other parts of Europe, but what news sources didn’t realize at the time is what an amazing sustainable ingredient that hemp is. More importantly, they didn’t realize that hemp is not marijuana. Hemp requires no pesticides to grow, and it re-grows just like grass: if you cut it down, it sprouts back. Hemp’s presence as a highly durable and renewable resource has long been overshadowed by its relationship to marijuana, but hopefully, some of the info you’ll find here will clear up the confusion.
Hemp Origins & Facts
Hemp is an annual herb with distinctive long stalked, serrated leaves. Its fruit is a shiny greyish-green achene (‘hemp seed’). Native to Central Asia and India, hemp is widely grown in other parts of the world for its tough fibers and seed oil as well as its medicinal properties. Hemp was probably first cultivated in ancient China and was brought to Europe for growing in the early 16th century. The restrictions on growing hemp vary from country to country.
Hemp cloth has long been used as an alternative to linen for its durability and accessibility.
In the USA, up until 1820, 80% of all textiles and fabrics for clothes, linen, rugs, drapes, quilts, sheets and towels were made from hemp.
The great writings of Confucius were transcribed on hemp paper. Due to the fact that hemp paper doesn’t turn yellow or brittle, the great philosopher’s wisdom was passed from generation to generation.
Hemp can be a high performance substitute for a literally thousands of materials and products, including wood, cotton, soya and petrol.
Levi jeans were once made out of hemp sailcloth and rivets for the California gold-rushers so that the pockets would not rip when filled with gold.
Hemp & Health
Not only is hemp a valuable resource when it comes to textiles, but the health benefits of this misunderstood weed are advantageous to humans as well as the Earth. Hemp provides a healthy, cheap, safe alternative to the planet’s fast dwindling resources, particularly fossil fuels. As a crop, hemp is very low maintenance, needs relatively little fertilizer, does not deplete the soil of its nutrients, has few predators and can be grown in most climates. This means that farmers will use less fertilizer, pesticide and herbicide, all of which have polluted ground water and river systems.
What’s more is that hemp is packed with nutrients and essentials for human health. High in protein, just a handful of hemp seeds contain enough to fulfill the daily requirement for adults. Hemp seed oil also contains all 21 amino acids, including 8 essentials that can’t be produced by the adult human body.
Hemp seed oil is not only a terrific byproduct of hemp for economical and environmental reasons, but as an amazing component in maintaining heart, skin, and brain health. Hemp seed oil contains some of the highest known levels of Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) in the plant kingdom. UEFA’s are fatty acids that are essential to the human body for growth and healthy living. These fatty acids are effective health benefactors that can show a decrease in inflammatory and heart diseases.
For skin, hemp oil has a variety of benefits. It can help soothe dry skin, alleviate symptoms of eczema, and protect against nature’s harsh elements. Dry skin is considered to be deficient in essential fatty acids. The topical application of hemp seed oil helps to immediately condition skin and help prevent moisture loss, providing an extremely efficient method of tackling the problems associated with dry skin.
We’re proud to use hemp oil in our skincare products, because of its economical benefits to environmental and human health. Despite the fact that hemp is useful in so many different ways, it still remains illegal to produce in many places including the United States. Maybe with a little education and more tolerance, this wondrous weed can eventually beat the misconceptions and be seen in the light that it deserves.